Au Revoir!

This morning marks the end of our ‘Tour of Remembrance’ UK/France 2015.  After two years in the planning and an intense lead-up, we have achieved what no other Australian Band, and indeed most other bands in the world, have ever attempted.  We feel proud to be members of the City of Traralgon Band and proud to be Aussies!

After meeting at 7am this morning and frantically checking luggage weight, about half the band and supporter crew waved the other half off for their flight home. Those left standing at the hotel were feeling a bit empty with the ‘other half’ gone. Jacqui and Alan were thrilled when all luggage went through at the airport without us having to pay excess baggage.

On this trip we have bonded as a band and formed strong friendships and memories that we will carry with us always.  We owe all these memories to our UK/France Committee Chairman, Alan Wilson, and thank him for bringing his dream to a reality, as well as the UK/France committee (Harry Alexander, Daryl Hill, Alex Wilson, Debbie Wilson and Tracy Olivier) and the main band committee members; all of whom have worked tirelessly over the past year in particular. Everyone on this tour has contributed in their own special way, and every job and contribution has been greatly appreciated and has helped us to achieve all that we have. Thank you to our loyal supporters at home, our families who have hardly seen us in the past months, our new groupies overseas and interstate, our social media mates and all who have helped us to achieve this dream.  Thank you also for following our blog and for your very kind words of feedback. Stay tuned for our next adventure!  xxxx



7 thoughts on “Au Revoir!”

  1. I was directed to your blog by a friend in Adelaide who comes from Delph.. Unfortunately we missed hearing you in Saddleworth as we were following our son in his first Whit Friday as part of Tewit Youth Band (, but I have really enjoyed reading about your fantastic tour with the triumphs of Whit Friday and the poignant times in France. I wish you all a safe journey home and hope that you treasure your memories of your time in the UK. We’ve loved having you here!

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  2. Job well done, you can all be proud of what you have achieved both collectively and individually. The history that you have created will be the band’s lasting legacy to all those who have served our great nation. I am so proud to have had the privilege of being linked to your efforts in my own small way. What a magnificent achievement!

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    1. It was a pleasure to produce a feature on the City of Traralgon Brass Band and it was fantastic that a regional Australian brass band could do so well in a very high standard band competition in the UK. And congratulations on performing in France and privately at the war graves. This was an outstanding effort. You are all to be highly commended for this. “A very noble act.”


  3. Congratulations Traralgon on what you have achieved on your tour. The first Aussie band at Whitfriday – no-one can take that away from you. You have done yourselves and the Australian banding community proud. Even better that you had an Ararat connection with Wally, Sandra and Nicole joining you (we’ll even claim Jeff!) On a personal note, wonderful to hear that you recognised the service of those that gave their lives in France during the wars. I even found out a disant relative was honoured that I didn’t even know about. Well done.

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  4. Although I missed you at Whit Friday I have found your blog uplifting. You have shown the power that music has to bring people together in such a wonderful way. Thank you all.

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