Hello London!

What a long day it has been!  After departing Melbourne at approximately 12.30am (scheduled time 10.55pm) we travelled almost 13 hours to Dubai, arriving to 31 degree heat just after 8am. We managed to refrain from some quick laps of the airport on camels as we had to freshen up and re-board by 9am. After commencing our taxi away from the departure gate in Dubai, two of our ladies were sadly struck down with very sudden and unexpected sickness, causing them to be removed from the aircraft in wheelchairs to seek medical assistance. Both women stayed in Dubai with their partners, while the rest of our entourage continued on with heavy hearts, sans 4!!

We arrived in London at 3.45pm local time to the greeting of Jacqui Ingram – our amazing travel agent extraordinaire who had travelled a day ahead of us so that she could have everything prepared for our arrival. We also received the wonderful news that our troops in Dubai had been given IV drips and medication and were on the improve. They are hoping to transit to London throughout the night, arriving just before 7am tomorrow. Our thoughts are with you all!!

Given that we were two hours late arriving in London, Jacqui moved us quickly on to our coaches and we began our trip to the Radison Vanderbilt Hotel in Kensington, where we were greeted by Nelson Woods, our Toongabbie local bloke who is now semi-famous due to his starring role in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Luckily Nels had warmed up a seat at the bar, and the beer quickly flowed as old and new friends shared their stories of the journey.

It was also a very special day for our littlest traveller, with Master Angus Wilson turning five today!  Angus’ birthday has so far been going for 32 and a half hours, with half an hour still to go.  The little man travelled well on approximately 5 hours’ sleep throughout the journey, and understandably preferred sleep tonight rather than birthday revelry. Happy Birthday Superman.

Other highlights and lowlights from the day included:

  • Both Susans broke a nail each. Susan Marinus ALMOST had to stay back in Dubai to get hers fixed. Drama, I know!
  • Roger the Dodger was caught at Dubai Airport cross-dressing in Shirley’s tour uniform jacket (see photo)
  • Both Roger the Dodger and Harry (King Henry) were frisked!!!
  • We are currently Pope-less due to said sickness in Dubai. We are thinking that little Lachlan might conduct the band tomorrow morning at the Tower of London.
  • Alison saw a Trafalgar bloke walking along the street where we had dinner.
  • The Hempergers saw some Maffra/Sale people.
  • Bonnie caught up with a dear friend from school.
  • We are all feeling famous due to the interest that our tour jackets have caused.
  • And finally, those who aren’t still celebrating with arrival drinks have crashed into bed, exhausted, before our big day tomorrow at the Tower of London and Hyde Park.

Today we have shared many laughs, jokes and stories, and we can’t wait to add to the memories tomorrow. Please register to leave us a comment on our blog – everyone values your support and it is great to hear from our groupies back home :0)

IMG_3352 IMG_3378 IMG_3367 IMG_3385 IMG_3398 IMG_3405


10 thoughts on “Hello London!”

  1. Thanks for the progress report – could you please include a photo of Phil? – so I can show his workmates that he is in England
    Ta Dave


    1. Sure Dave. Please also check the gallery along the right side of the blog (at the bottom if you’re using a smart phone) as there are some photos of Phil there too :0)


  2. Glad most of you made the trip, glad to hear things are going well so far. It is way too quiet here without you though. X


  3. Wow at last you have arrived safe and sound. It seemed to take ages. Hope you all have a well deserved rest. Love the photos!!! Keep up the good work.


  4. Hi all, you seems to having a great time already. I was tracking your flight from planetracker online. I saw your plane take off and land, it was exactly 24hrs, what a long flight, I bet you were all glad to get off there. Have fun and I’ll keep checking on here for updates.


  5. Loving the pictures and stories of your adventures. Hope the sickies have now been able to travel and you are all reunited. Wishing you well!


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